Resume Review

With Ivy Blossom




Is your resume truly showcasing your full potential?

We know firsthand how resumes can have limitations in showcasing a candidate’s full potential. However, in today’s competitive job market, a strong resume remains the first critical step to landing your dream job.

This is especially true for MBA candidates who might be facing a more competitive landscape than usual this year. An overly competitive job market has left some exceptional candidates still searching for their dream role. Yes, take it from us, you are exceptional!

Professionals hands at a computer with a gold scale sitting on a pile of books.

That’s where we come in…

Re- watch the live, virtual resume review event designed to empower diverse MBA candidates like yourself. Led by renowned resume expert, Ivy Blossom, this session will equip you with the tools and strategies you need to:

  • Craft a compelling resume that speaks to your unique strengths and accomplishments as an MBA candidate.

  • Discover useful AI prompts you can use to simplify the resume writing process and customize your resume for each application.

  • Learn key strategies to stand out from a crowded pool of qualified applicants.

  • And more!

Meet the Expert:

Ivy Blossom is a Talent Acquisition Consultant and Professional Resume Writer known for her expertise in sourcing top-tier candidates, facilitating inclusive hiring processes, and writing resumes that take job seekers from overlooked to unforgettable. Visit to get started!