WeSolv is excited to announce the winners of our most recent Marketing and Communications Strategy Case Challenge!

As WeSolv expands our company partners we are actively developing new marketing strategies and searching for a new executive hire to lead our Marketing and Communications team. We knew there would be no better way to engage current diverse candidates than hosting our own Case Challenge.

WeSolv’s Marketing and Communications Strategy Case Challenge focused on evaluating the user base demographics of WeSolv’s target market and devising strategies to engage these users through creative channels. Dozens of diverse candidates from over 20 universities formed teams to tackle this REAL prompt and have the opportunity to engage with colleagues and WeSolv’s leadership team in a meaningful way.

After weeks of research and several touch points with WeSolv stakeholders, teams submitted recommendations via deck presentations to be evaluated by an objective scorecard by WeSolv team and subject matter experts. The top 3 scoring teams were invited to final presentations.

The winning teammates below are an example of the talented candidates who participated in this Case Challenge and the diverse community of elite talent that WeSolv fosters. Please join us in congratulating these exemplary performers!

Left to right: Kay Jasanya and Katie Jang

Winning Team: Team 1, Kay Jasanya (Morgan State University) & Katie Jang (Johns Hopkins)

Prize: $1,000

What made them stand out:

This team not only had a keen eye for WeSolv’s Marketing opportunities, but they also made creative recommendations that showed the depth of their research as well as their ability to think outside the box and propose realistic solutions that WeSolv can employ.

Finalist Teams:

Team 6: Parag Mantri (University of Illinois, Gies), Vishwinder Singh Jamwal (Boston University, Questrom)

Team 10: Francis Tsui (University of Southern California, Marshall), Le Chang (Bentley University)

Here’s what a finalist had to say:

“I like the finding teammate system that WeSolv offered at the beginning of the challenge. My teammate and I met because of this challenge, and we made a good team and had a good time working together. I think this design can help us to expand our network and to learn more from other people. I appreciate the opportunity to try to solve a real business challenge for WeSolv. Thanks for the great experience!” — Le Chang, Bentley University

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